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The rural diversity network twitter takeover

Age UK Cornwall hosted the first Rural Diversity Network Twitter takeover of 2020 at the end of January. The conversation marked the start of a monthly campaign, run by Cornwall Museum Partnership (CMP) to open commentary around some of the major problems faced in the county.

Age UK Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly split the hour into four open questions to encourage a rich dialogue. The questions asked of the #RDNetwork followers were:

  • How do we better support an ageing population?
  • What are the biggest barriers facing you when trying to reach your local community?
  • Is digital technology a good way to reduce social isolation?
  • Share your good and bad experience of loneliness.


iSightCornwall: Cornwall’s oldest charity

iSightCornwall is the first centre of resource for all in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who are affected by sight loss, whatever their age, circumstance or condition.

We know from experience that losing your sight is traumatic. For most people, it is devastating news which is emotionally distressing and takes time to adapt. Initially they’re consumed by the belief that they have no hope of leading an active, independent life ever again. The emotional reaction resembles that of grieving and can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.


What is it like to volunteer as a TAP driver?

Volunteering is a wonderful activity. It brings a sense of achievement to all who are kind enough to offer whatever time they can to the causes in their area. What’s more, the volunteers who help organisations across Cornwall support their community to ensure services and activities run smoothly. Cornwall Link wanted to delve deeper into the volunteer experience itself so we reached out to our office neighbours the Transport Access People (TAP) service to find out more.


Age UK newsletter March 2019

Age UK have just released their March 2019 newsletter of volunteer news.

They will be producing three editions a year that they hope will inform, engage and entertain. Age UK want to ensure you keep up to date with all things volunteering and to share what is happening in your communities throughout Cornwall & the Scilly Isles.


Alexa...what is new in Cornwall?

Age UK Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and the University of Plymouth are collaborating on an exciting new digital project.

Are you interested in trying something new? Taking a new approach to digital technology and being a pioneer for the use of alternative approaches? Age UK Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, with the support of Digital Health Champions from the University of Plymouth, are excited to announce that we have received funding to purchase 32 Echo Spot devices for individuals across Cornwall.


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