Coronavirus help

We’re writing in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. In these unprecedented times, there has never been a greater need for communities to pull together.  

This page aims to provide additional advice and guidance to engaging with the Cornwall Link community during this outbreak. If you are concerned about COVID-19 and want to find out more information, please visit - Government information & advice (GOV.UK).

Staying safe whilst interacting with others

If you are meeting up or volunteering as a result of activity from Cornwall Link, we recommend taking official government advice:

  • If visiting an elderly or at risk individual, think twice before seeing them in person (does it need to happen now?)
  • Don't shake hands with others
  • Regularly wash your hands with warm soapy water (for at least 20 seconds)
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow

Stay connected and healthy whilst isolating

If you have a cough or have experienced a high temperature, the advice is to self isolate for 14 days.

Whilst self-isolating do:

  • Try to keep at least 2 metres (3 steps) from other people in your home, particularly older people or those with long-term health conditions

  • Ask friends and family and delivery services to deliver things like food shopping and medicines – but avoid contact with them

  • Sleep alone if possible

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

  • Try to stay away from older people and those with long-term health conditions

  • Drink plenty of water and take everyday painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, to help with your symptoms

Whilst self-isolating don't:

  • Do not have visitors (ask people to leave deliveries outside)
  • Do not leave the house, for example to go for a walk, to school or public places

Need some help or ideas to stay connected or get support whilst at home?

Check out the Coronvirus campaign activities added by wonderful organisations and neighbours in your community 

View activities

Supporting others in the community

We know there are many vulnerable people in our communities who will be badly affected by the Coronavirus, not just in terms of getting ill but by being unable to access services and their support network.

The aim of our campaign is to unlock the creativity and compassion of the community to support each other through this challenge. You'll be able to share and view ideas for supporting others, respond to direct requests and see what is happening in your community.

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